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Original Gifs
February 5, 2015, 11:41 am
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Upcycled pots
July 24, 2014, 5:53 pm
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These pots were made with aluminum cans and the smaller one was a plastic bottle.


Kodama Sculpture in Cat Grass
May 25, 2014, 4:47 pm
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Kodama Sculpture in Cat Grass

Here’s a kodma clay figurine I crafted and placed in my pot of cat grass. He looks right at home.

Busy gardening!

Most of the food garden is planted. Huzzah!

In the square foot garden have 4 types of corn, 2 types of peas, 2 types of lettuce, 2 types of spinach, 2 types of tomato, 2 types of peppers, watermelons, purple broccoli, pumpkins, nasturtium, marigolds, basil, parsley, celery, radishes, chives, onions, garlic, thyme, pole beans, and chamomile. I have also planted a sunflower in one of the large pots we bought last year as it’s previous resident (a hollyhock)  didn’t survive the winter.  On a sad note, between the cats using the apple tree as a scratching post last winter and the expanding and contracting bark, the grafted parts of the apple tree Chris bought are all dead.  The base tree is still alive, and budding leaves, but he thinks it is likely a crabapple tree.  We plan to dig it up one of these days 😦   However, my border of happy strawberry plants and the red raspberry bush have returned in full-force.  The wild black raspberries are already starting to form flowers.


This photo was taken a few weeks ago. These strawberries have already begun to form little berries. ❤

In the flower department, I am looking for more places to plant irises. I have somewhere around 50 plants living in a shady spot where they don’t bloom as well as the others. There are also several I’d like to take out of my wild-flower bed. Although I’ve sold a few orders of rhizomes at $9.50 for 5, it hasn’t really made a dent in the number of plants I need to relocate. A few days ago, I moved a clump of about 20 flowers out of the shade to around the base of the mailbox. I dumped  some collected rain water over them  and have since left them to fend for themselves.  If they do well without much watering,  I’ll plant another ring of them at the base our address pole.


Some of my irises are preparing to bloom

Also, there is a spot of death in my iris bed where I suspect a low point in the garage roof causes wet, almost boggy soil after rains. The spot of death has already claimed two hyacinth plants, a few tulips,  and a host of irises.  Even my wildflowers seem to dislike the soil extremes. I’ve bought some dutch iris bulbs for that spot as I read that they will tolerate the wetness and apparently will even grow in standing water… we’ll see how they do.  I’ve also sown two milkweed (also bog-tolerant) there to attract monarch butterflies with seeds gathered from my dad’s place last winter.

The landscape zone near the front stairs is growing my three butterfly bushes. They are doing well despite dying back all the way to the ground after the harsh winter. However, something seems to be eating the leaves of front-most bush.. I suspect it may have been a white moth caterpillar as I noticed a fully formed one hanging out in the vicinity earlier this week.  The large barrel contains the afore-mentioned  sunflower and I’ve sown baby’s breath around his feet. Beside the barrel are two happy hollyhock plants, in the future they are all going directly in the ground and the large pots will be for annuals only. In front of the barrel I will be planting my lavender plant once it has hardened off. I’ve also added two gladiolas in-between the hollyhocks  planted yarrow in front of the hollyhocks.  I’ll take photos when more of my plants start to grow.


Here’s my buttery bushes from last year. The potted plant behind them is the bush tomato currently in my greenhouse closet.

The other landscape zone near the garage will have to be expanded as the large pot became more of rain-barrel last year, drowning the hollyhock I attempted to plant there.  We’ll be moving the pot forward and out of the drip-line and as it is a somewhat shady spot, I’ll be planting  pansies, poppies, and nasturtium in it.

Some of my perennial wild flowers are returning, including blanket flowers, plains coreopsis, and wallflowers. I see several places bachelor’s buttons have self-sowed.  I’ve replanted covolvus as well as sweet peas and  I’ll be putting in some scabiosa, candytuft, 3 more gladiolas.  I am also considering replanting parts of the lawn overrun by weeds with chamomile in the sun and spiderwort in the shade. The trick will be waiting for a day without wind!

Glow in the dark skull pots!
April 8, 2014, 4:46 pm
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I have been busy crafting!

Click the pictures to go to the listings in my store.


Small pot with yarrow plant


Mini pot with aloe plant

I’ve got some alien pots in the oven right now.  Pictures when I paint them.