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Google-eyed Cthulhu is annoyed by how cute he looks
March 2, 2014, 2:21 pm
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He’s got one more coat of paint to go, and then I’m listing him in my Etsy store!


On Haunted Houses, Volunteer Work, and Diving In
February 20, 2014, 4:08 pm
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Since last summer, I’ve been involved in a local non-profit haunted house called “Gateway of Chaos.” Yes, since summer.  Also, I and other members of the haunt leadership team have already begun planning the details for this year’s haunt.

ImageMy adventure with Gateway of Chaos actually began in 2012, when Damien (then 11) told Chrisand I about a cool sounding haunted house that his friend Hannah really liked.   At the time, his favorite video game was Left 4 Dead, and he wanted to watch all the George Romero movies.  His favorite attraction at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch was the haunted house full of animatronics. He and his cousins were attempting to make a you-tube zombie movie. We figured he would enjoy going to the Gateway of Chaos.  


He was excited all through the hour long wait.  He enjoyed an extended conversation with a cue actor dressed as a zombie policeman. He was fine in the first room- completely dark and containing a heavy-breathing crazy person, who laughs as you try to figure out how to get out.  He laughed at a kid who squirted water on him.  Then came the screaming people popping out…and he cried the rest of the way through, then loudly stated a refusal to come back…ever.

I was impressed with what I saw, despite traversing it as quickly as quickly as possible. I liked the page on Facebook.

Then, sometime in early summer, Gateway’s Facebook page became loaded with messages encouraging patrons to volunteer.  Since it was clear working there was the only way I was going to go through it again, I signed up.


I feel like becoming a staff member there has not only been a blast, but also a much needed social employment of my creative skills.  I’ve met a host of other, wonderful creative people…many of whom drive 30 minutes or more to volunteer.  Volunteers reconstruct the haunt each year.  By the time I began helping with construction in summer, the walls were already up.  Each volunteer gets to decide how much or how little they will do.  I decided to jump in…to clown shoes.

ImageI also made some pretty wall decorations…

ImageI also did my own clown makeup…


This year, I’m taking a more active role.  I’ll be designing sets, but I expect a lot of collaborative efforts from my passionate teammates.