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"On the Roof" Photo by Ro model is yours truly

Andy laughing

Andy 2

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Ninjas are #1

kitty porn

Jim Morrison

My first and only D.U.I.

restoration work done by my Dad

waiting dog

These next 3 Pictures are of string and wax sculptures with cloth, computer provides background



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1. Had no idea you were the size of Godzilla, but photo one makes it plain. Must be hard to find shoes in your size.
2. Lucky you were not killed or paralyzed.
33 If your Dad is restoring a Corvair, he must rock!!!

Comment by slobyskya rotchikokov

Ah, nice person,
Parapacem would say to you – if he were here – “Welcome back to this atmosphere”, whether with or without drops of Jupiter, in your ear or elsewhere. (Sorry – hard to avoid song / music references.)
anyway – he would be flattered and honored and downright three dimensional at your kind gesture of following him. How happy would he have been to have you read his witty and often deeply soulful writings, his heavenly haiku, his hysterically funny poems and sardonic tales, his eco-socio-political rants, but alas – he had to close the blog down due to LIFE overwhelming him with too many things needing attention in too little time.
He and I privately, over late night cups of absinthe and green-flamed candlelight, often wondered if your own blog had closed down as well, as it had been so long since your last post. And quite bluntly, he was perhaps a bit smitten by the ‘creatrix’ label, but then, his darker thoughts about the ‘trix’ suffix are probably best left in the haunts of his mind and his memories of unmapped nightclubs in old Berlin, where Django played and Frauleins swayed…

Hmmm… maybe its time for my meds.
All the best, and keep up the good work.

Comment by slobyskya rotchikokov

Oh goodness and golly – I see now that there was ANOTHER Parapacem – the one to whom I refer, and who had bravely followed your adventures in art, was at Blogspot, not WordPress – there is a still active site at WordPress, by someone using the3 same name. How bizarre, how bizarre!!! The original, at Blogspot, took down all of his works and left a simple goodbye message. Confusing, yes?

Comment by slobyskya rotchikokov

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