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Upcycled pots
July 24, 2014, 5:53 pm
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These pots were made with aluminum cans and the smaller one was a plastic bottle.



Cthulhu minature being painted
February 24, 2014, 7:22 pm
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As promised, here’s my Cthulhu miniature getting painted… would it be terrible to give him google eyes?


Starting out as a seller on Etsy, how it happened and what I’ve learned
February 23, 2014, 7:16 pm
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Ever since I’d first heard of Etsy, I had considered selling on the website.  For a long time I held back because I felt my arts and crafts weren’t good enough to sell (part of a self-esteem issue I don’t care to delve into for today’s post), I’m not quite sure what changed on the day I signed up and starting posting items in my newly created shop.
My shop, The Artistic Apothecary, officially opened on October 15.  Although it’s not a “day job” I’ve made a handful of sales, and managed to turn enough profit to buy more craft supplies to play with.  The shop has also had the effect of improving my productivity in regards to arts, crafts, and even gardening.


Here’s a screen-shot of my store front on Etsy.

One of my crafty friends suggested that I open up on Store Envy, a free alternative.  At the moment I find that site’s level of customizable option daunting , and so am content to pay $0.20 per listing fee and 3% of the sales to have my hand held through the process of getting started.

So far, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • If you’ve ever noticed somewhat awkward, rambling titles on products listed on Etsy, they are most definitely there for a reason.  For search engine optimization, the item’s title and its tags must match.  This is why items on Etsy will be listed with titles such as Over the Rainbow’s item: “Misty morning, winter lake, sunbeams, sunrays, landscape photograph, 12×8, Giclee print – titled: Winter Lake” 
  •  Active participation in the forums boosts sales.  The Etsy forums are loaded with nice, helpful people. My very first sale came shortly after I’d posted about not yet having any sales.  Aside from many of the artisans also being occasional buyers, Etsy users can create promotional treasury lists featuring the work of other users and favorite items to share with followers.
  • If used well, StumbleUpon helps exposure.  I can’t directly link any sales to StumbleUpon, but I know that people have liked my product listings there, which in turn allows it to be exposed to more people over time. I believe much of the “direct traffic” I get is actually people using the StumbleUpon toolbar.  However, balance must be maintained, you must actually use the service outside of Etsy.  You will get less traffic if you only submit pages from one website, because you will essentially be treated like a spammer.
  • It is definitely worthwhile to offer shipping outside of the country you live in.  Yes, even if the shipping cost exceeds the price of the actual item.  People who shop and sell on Etsy come from all over the world. Thus far, I would have missed out on two sales if I’d restricted shipping to the U.S. only.

Here’s a visual of the traffic I’ve received thus far by location

Although I maintain a Facebook page, I don’t see very much traffic from it.  I’m of the mind that every little bit helps,so I continue to maintain it.  I also only see minimal traffic from Twitter.

I’d love to hear about anyone else’s experience setting up shop!


So I found this geode in my backyard…
August 2, 2013, 4:44 am
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note the quater in the corner for size comparison

I found it sometime last week. It was casually strewn in with a mix of large rocks under the bushes that take up the back side of the house. Of course, it wasn’t quite so pretty looking when I found it. Over the years, dirt had worked its way into every crevice. I decided to ask the internet for some advice.

What I got was denture cleaner. Seriously, I looked up how to clean geodes and found that all I needed was a bucket, some bleach, an old toothbrush and some denture cleaner. I picked some denture cleaner up for about $2 at Dollar General, the other materials I already had on hand.

First I removed some of the dirt by rinsing it in the sink, then I put the geode in a mop bucket with 1 cup of bleach and enough water to cover it and left it alone for a few days. After dumping and rinsing the bucket (there was a layer of dirt and crud settled at the bottom) I filled it with enough warm water to cover the geode once again and plopped in about 5 tablets of effervescent denture cleaner. After letting it soak over night, I scrubbed the geode with a toothbrush.



geode chunks, shards, and crystal gravel

Some of these pieces also needed to be soaked in denture cleaner and scrubbed as this particular geode was pretty well full of crystals. I used a good ol’ fashioned hammer, and got some nice results, but I think I’ll invest in a chisel if I’m going to break the largest chunk any further.  However,  I’m definitely I’m going to clean some fossils my dad gave  me with the denture tablets!

Faerie Girl
May 4, 2011, 3:43 pm
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Still Searching…

This piece was made from a porno doll mysteriously left in an apartment I moved into (found the place on craigslist.)  Acrylic paint covers her body and face.  the hair is blue yarn, wings are pink plastic grocery sacks, arms are yarn and paraffin wax

. ..And the clothes are glued on. 🙂