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Writer and multi-media artist

Name: Claire Thalken Age: 27

Occupation: self employed freelance writer, illustrator, editor and occasional babysitter.

In the past: telemarketer specializing in outgoing calls, as a car-dryer and assistant at Gary’s Auto-bath Express, briefly as a counter girl at The Rice Bowl, as a student employee in the UNO Library Archives, as a part time office go-fer in at my uncle Clifford’s OBGYN offices, Media Aide at Lakeview Highschool

Education: Studied art at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.  Other areas of study include psychology, philosophy, sociology, U.S. history, literature, foreign languages, acting/theater, and anthropology

In the past: Central Community College Columbus, Lakeview High School, Shell Creek Elementary


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Craig’s list brought me here, although I’m not sure why it pointed me in this direction. Nevertheless, I will say its been a pleasant visit. Perhaps brilliance draws brilliance.

Comment by Ben

Ah HA! I was too lazy to make an account on here and I discovered I can sign in via FB. Brilliant. I don’t have an actual comment about you… I like pie.

Comment by Nathan Brauer

pie… it’s just another pretty number, hiding its plainness with a superficial e. Kind of like the way that one letter changes ‘heroes’ to ‘herpes’, or vice versa. And geckos are the only reptiles known to be able to attack humans with knives. So if you couldn’t say something nice about Claire, you should have at least left a tip.

Comment by Howie Honky

^still the best comment I’ve received

Comment by creatrixsblood

Hello Claire,
I have nominated you for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.
Check it out

Comment by Angela's World of Writing

thanks Angela, sorry I wasn’t active enough to respond at the time

Comment by creatrixsblood

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